Bluerise is a Dutch company that develops technology and solutions based on the ocean thermal gradient. Bluerise creates products, concepts and services to exploit the enormous thermal potential stored in the world’s tropical oceans. Energy use for Air-Conditioning can be reduced by up to 90%. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) can supply baseload (24/7) electricity by using the temperature differences in the ocean. Bluerise is currently developing a project for the Curacao Airport Holding including the use of SWAC to replace its existing A/C systems and the installation of an 20 hectare Ocean Ecopark that will house a Bluerise’s ~500 KW pilot OTEC system for Curaçao International Airport. Next to this, an Ocean Ecopark is under development that will use the cold water to cool greenhouses, supply aquaculture and generate desalinated water to other tenants. Bluerise is currently expanding its operations throughout the Caribbean and Pacific region. Bluerise has its beginnings at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. The company was conceived in 2009 with the vision of developing a large scale sustainable solution to the global energy mix. It was then officially founded with initiation of operations in 2010, where its first mission was to outline an OTEC strategy to provide power to the airport of Curacao.

Harnessing the ocean's power


Seventy percent of all sunlight received by the Earth falls on the oceans. The larger part of this sunlight is captured as heat in the upper layers. Therefore, the oceans are by far the biggest solar collectors on Earth. By utilizing a mere fraction of this energy, we have a limitless, renewable, baseload source with enough power to cover our global energy need.


Ocean Thermal Energy, with its low-cost, baseload generation capabilities, its vast potential and the possibility to generate electricity, cooling, drinking water and fuels, is destined to become one of the leading energy sources. The naturally existing thermocline and the ocean’s thermohaline circulation create an energy system big enough to power the globe!


Ocean Thermal Energy presents the opportunity for energy independence in an environmentally friendly manner, enabling new sources of economic growth. It is an investment for now and for the future, an investment that will yield profit quickly. Ocean Thermal Energy can today easily reach grid parity in many regions of the world. Bluerise is at the forefront of Ocean Thermal Energy development.

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