Bluerise develops solutions to harness the Ocean’s power.  Bluerise is a technology provider and project developer of Ocean Thermal Energy solutions. The thermal energy stored in the tropical ocean can be used to generate sustainable electricity, cooling, and fresh water.We specialize in OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion), SWAC (Seawater Air Conditioning) technologies and related Deep Sea Water applications.

Bluerise provides technology and development plans for implementation of OTEC and SWAC as well as Ocean Ecoparks that utilize the ocean resource by means of innovative technologies for desalination, agriculture and aquaculture among others.

Creative thinking, a sustainable mindset and a fresh 21st century look at all system components drives Bluerise to design economical viable and technically feasible solutions. We provide consulting and engineering services to governments, project developers, energy companies and utilities.


Harnessing the ocean's power


Seventy percent of all sunlight received by the Earth falls on the oceans. The larger part of this sunlight is captured as heat in the upper layers. Therefore, the oceans are by far the biggest solar collectors on Earth. By utilizing a mere fraction of this energy, we have a limitless, renewable, baseload source with enough power to cover our global energy need.


Ocean Thermal Energy, with its low-cost, baseload generation capabilities, its vast potential and the possibility to generate electricity, cooling, drinking water and fuels, is destined to become one of the leading energy sources. The naturally existing thermocline and the ocean’s thermohaline circulation create an energy system big enough to power the globe!


Ocean Thermal Energy presents the opportunity for energy independence in an environmentally friendly manner, enabling new sources of economic growth. It is an investment for now and for the future, an investment that will yield profit quickly. Ocean Thermal Energy can today easily reach grid parity in many regions of the world. Bluerise is at the forefront of Ocean Thermal Energy development.

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