Bluerise study shows feasibility of 10 MW offshore OTEC

Mar 30, 2014




Bluerise conducted a feasibility study on a 10 MW offshore OTEC installation. The study shows that offshore OTEC technology is technically and economically feasible. Not only the technology is at an adequate level for successful offshore implementation of OTEC, also the economics of a plant showed great potential. Offshore OTEC is expected to match the current cost of electricity in the initial target markets. There is a large potential, in combination with an untapped solution to a market need.

More than twenty companies and organizations from the entire OTEC value chain have provided significant contributions to the report. This feasibility study has been prepared with support from ‘Topsector Water’, a collective project of the Dutch governement, corporations and research institutes to promote and support the national and international water sector. Topsector Water has set the ambitious and firm goal to double the added value between 2010 and 2020.

Following the publication, many contributing and interested parties participated in an industry event to discuss the future of offshore OTEC.

Post by Paul Dinnissen

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