Ocean Ecopark Curaçao June 2016 Update

Jun 30, 2016




Dear friends of Ocean Ecopark Curaçao,

The start of 2016 has been an exciting few months. In April, the COP21 agreement was signed in New York, putting us on course to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees Celsius. Recently, for the first time, renewable energy was the biggest source of new power added worldwide. Curaçao, as all the Caribbean islands in the Dutch Kingdom, with their abundant sources of sun, wind and ocean are a renewable energy heaven. The Ocean Ecopark development will contribute significantly to the use of renewable energy in Curaçao. Please enjoy reading our June 2016 update.

Airport developments

2016 has seen the continued support of the Curaçao Government in developing the Curaçao International Airport area. These positive developments ensure good momentum and increased need for the Seawater District Cooling system Bluerise is developing through the Ocean Ecopark Curaçao project.

The Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) has performed a Macro-Economic Analysis of the Ocean Ecopark project. Based on the input received by CAH and Bluerise and their own analysis, the results obtained show that the Ecopark on average will contribute 0.84% to the growth of the GDP of Curaçao, whilst generating 930 jobs by the 5th year of start of activities.

Curaçao Airport Partners, the entity in charge of airport operations announced the start of their airport terminal expansion, a USD$35 million expansion that will open up Curaçao to a capacity of 2.5 million passengers.

The government together with CAH also signed an MoU together with C-MCC Development Group LLC (represented locally by KPMG) to solidify the development of the Curaçao Multi-Commodity Center, an ambitious plan behind some of the brains of the Dubai Multi Commodity Center. The CMCC is forecasting to start operations by the third quarter of 2016 and undergo rapid expansion.

UTS, Curaçao’s government owned and largest telecom company acquired full ownership of the Datacenter located on Seru Mahuma in March. The newly named ‘UTS Datacenter’ is the region’s first tier IV datacenter and is expected to undergo rapid expansion.

Ocean Ecopark Location – The Shut

The Ocean Ecopark will be located in an area of Curaçao adjacent to the airport currently referred to as “Shut”; a place with a great potential to become a beacon of sustainability. As part of our partnership with CAH, we have requested their support in processing of permits and the correct zoning designation for Ocean Ecopark activities on the island’s zoning plan (Eilands Ontwikkelings Plan – EOP) for us to continue the development.

Waste dump to Ecopark

Although dumping of waste on the ocean at the location is still taking place, we continue to encourage government’s efforts to bring a clean alternative to stop this practice. We are grateful for the support of the society in Curaçao in realizing a positive change!

Innovative Desalination prototype

We congratulate TU Delft student Melanie Lopez from Aruba with becoming Master of Science ! She successfully completed her graduation project at Bluerise on Ocean Thermal Water Production. Her thesis focused on the analysis of an innovative drinking water production solution for tropical islands developed by Bluerise. The system works by using cold deep seawater to condense the tropical humid air, similar to condensation on a cold glass at the beach, but then in an very efficient manner. The products are drinking water and cool dry air (that can be used for cooling). This drinking water production method is to be coupled to the Ocean Ecopark seawater infrastructure and will help to solve the urgent fresh water scarcity in many tropical regions.

Melanie’s thesis conclusions show a significant improvement in energy efficiency of Ocean Thermal Water Production compared to conventional methods, such as ‘Reverse Osmosis’. Currently a prototype of this innovative systems is being put to operation to validate Melanie’s results and demonstrate its working principle.

Fiber to the Deep in Curaçao

A team of five motivated TU Delft master students have successfully conducted a research project focused on the measurement and monitoring of the ocean temperature profile up to 1000m depth. The team spend two months on-site in Curaçao to analyze and prepare the installation of the required equipment in the ocean. Their presentation of the results at the University of Curaçao was well received by the stakeholders, amongst others, Curaçao Airport Holding (CAH), sponsor TUI and partner Bluerise.

The results of the project confirm the feasibility of applying a fibre optic measuring technique, also known as distributed temperature sensing (DTS). DTS provides near real-time and spatially dense data, which will be relevant, amongst others, to ensure a sustainable use of the ocean resource. A movie explaining the project can be found here.

4th International OTEC symposium

Bluerise is very excited to be actively supporting and to be gold sponsor of this year’s 4th International OTEC symposium, which will be held in the Netherlands on 25 and 26 October 2016. The symposium serves as the largest annual gathering of people working on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and will be co-hosted by the Offshore Energy 2016 and the TU Delft. The symposium gathers OTEC industry experts, NGO’s and governments from all over the world to discuss the state of the industry. We look forward to welcoming you at the symposium!

United Nations P3a conference

Bluerise was invited by the UN to present our vision and solutions at the UN P3a conference in Aruba this past March. The conference brought together UN representatives of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) with world PPP (Public, Private Partnership) leaders and focused on highlighting top practices to ensure the achievement of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The Ocean Ecopark Curaçao was highlighted as an example of the possibilities within the SIDS to achieve sustainable development while providing solutions to global challenges.

This event also saw the participation and representation of Curaçao from Minister Camelia-Römer. The minister shared her vision on Sustainable Development and the role of PPP projects in the infrastructure of Curaçao.

Paris Climate Agreement

April 22 saw the historic signing of the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement in New York city. A historic moment in which 175 parties (174 countries + the EU) committed to cooperate in the fight against climate change by limiting their Greenhouse emissions. The Kingdom of the Netherlands was well represented with Prime Minister Mike Eman from Aruba signing on behalf of the Kingdom and State Secretary Sharon Dijksma signing on behalf of the European Union.

On invitation by Mr. Tony de Brum (Republic of Marshall Islands), one of the instrumental people in the Paris negotiations, Bluerise was asked to take part in the celebration and the different side events scheduled. One of the signing events attended was organized by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and focused on: “A financial roadmap to bankable projects in SIDS and LDCs” with special emphasis on energy projects and the role of the international community in ensuring projects like the Ocean Ecopark Curacao are successful.

During the different events we had the opportunity to share our vision of a sustainable future. We look forward to continue doing our part in ensuring a cleaner planet for the next generations!

Dutch Parliament presentation on OTEC for Saba

Our work on OTEC technology and the Ocean Ecopark project keeps gaining support and attention. The scalable potential to provide sustainable solutions to the energy, water and food challenges of small islands has also peaked the curiosity of the Dutch government. Saba, Statia and Bonaire, three Dutch municipalities in the Caribbean share similar challenges to Curaçao . The Dutch government has through the years investigated different alternatives for the supply of energy to the islands and has recognized the great potential that Ocean Thermal Energy has to offer. In this context, Bluerise was invited to give a presentation to parliament and to make a quick scan of the possibilities for the island of Saba.

Startupfest virtual reality video features Bluerise

Bluerise is proud to be featured as an example of one of the top cutting edge innovation in the opening video of Startup Fest Europe presented by Prince Constantijn. The video is a 3D virtual reality experience showcasing the top innovations of the Netherlands.

Post by Paul Dinnissen

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